As a humanist, I perceive in each person his singularity. I offer you personalized support to find unique solutions by taking an unprejudiced external view, without prejudice. In critical moments of life, you will enjoy clear, lucid and objective analyzes, based on solid experiences and training. Professional coaching can accelerate and facilitate your journey. I invite you to come to meet me. I can help you change your life.

Influenced by numerous methods of different disciplines and various writers, I developed my own synthesis of ideas. I use behavioral and cognitive coaching with an emphasis on linguistic formulation and emotional contact with new experiences. My coaching invites you to a commitment to action.

My services

  • My areas of expertise for individuals and for professionals.
  • My specialization in Educational Coaching.
  • One of my workshops: CommunicAction– Caring Communication.
  • I invite you to discover the Enneagram– a system that describes the 9 types of personality and human nature.


  • Use coaching to help define needs and translate them into feasible, innovative, creative and sustainable solutions.  
  • Accompany projects that are defined by your own needs and your personal dreams, by actualizing, executing and monitoring the project from beginning to end.
  • Facilitate communication to improve motivation, empowerment and synergy. To bring out the undiscovered potentials from deep inside.
  • Bring out the best in people.
  • Master negotiation to find amicable and win-win solutions. 
  • Link the person with the environment. 
  • Increase productivity and effectiveness. 
  • Inlight alternative points of view.


Need to be reassured? Allow me to introduce myself. You have access to testimonials from people I have accompanied. Without further ado, I invite you to contact me.