Professional coaching can speed up and facilitate your life journey. As a humanist, I perceive each person in their singularity. I offer personalized support with a clear, neutral and objective vision to help you meet life’s challenges.

Inspired by various disciplines and writers, I observe behavior and language and invite reflection and emotional contact with new experiences.

Do you want to change your life?

I offer you a first meeting to analyze your needs for free.


  • Life Coaching: personalized support to achieve your goal.
  • Educational coaching: support for young people in school or failing at school.
  • Counslling: guide in my favorite areas.
  • CommunicAction: conferences and workshops on developing behavioral and relational capacities.
  • Enneagram Training : powerful tool to better understand your behavior on a daily basis, reduce your stress, go towards your development and enrich your family and professional relationships.Find out more about me. You can see the testimonials from my clients. I invite you to contact me.